3 Industry Pros Teaching Modern Makeup the Right Way

Lucia Pica | Makeup Artist and Creative Makeup & Colour Designer (Chanel)

Image: Matt Jones for Elle France (August 2016)

Italian Makeup Artist Lucia Pica has come to the forefront of the fashion industry since implementing her bold new vision into Chanel Beauty as their new head of beauty and Global Makeup Designer. She caught her big break by working under Charlotte Tilbury and after 3 years, left the nest of Tilbury to become a freelance artist and dedicate herself to fashion. Pica is revolutionising modern makeup by challenging the norm and experimenting, and her new position at Chanel is now causing the brand to undergo its’ own revolution. “I talk about deconstructed glamour. I do want to look glamorous, and I do want to look polished, but there’s a modernity” – she tells Amelia Diamond at manrepeller.com. See her at work here or check out our favourite Chanel promo video with Kristen Stewart here.



Lisa Eldridge | Makeup Artist, Author and Global Creative Director (Lancome)

Image: LisaEldridge.com

Lisa Eldridge is a legend in her own right. Having worked with the world’s most A-list celebrities, models, magazines and cosmetic companies, she is known not only for her work but for being a pioneer of providing industry professional tutorials and tips to a global audience. She was also one of the first highly-successful professional make-up artists to provide online make-up tutorials via her site and YouTube. Over the years she has also teamed up with cosmetic and skincare giants such as Shiseido, Boots No7, Chanel and most recently Lancome. She is popular for her unbiased opinions and the fact that her videos are practical and knowledgeable while also catering to all types of women. See her huge library of video tutorials here.



Charlotte Tilbury | Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder (Charlotte Tilbury)

Image: Phillip Sinden for WSJ. Magazine

British-born Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury has an impressive body of work after 20+ years in the industry. Renowned for doing some of the biggest stars and supermodels since 90’s, her resume boasts names such as Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian and more. In 2013, she took all of her knowledge and secrets and poured them into her own range of cosmetics and skincare, which became an international success. Since then, she has been building a youtube channel for her brand to give you a closer look at how she transforms and enhances her client’s features. She believes in the power of transformative makeup and is against the idea that women need make-up to look beautiful. Rather, it is all about ‘enhancing’. Some criticise that many of her videos are purely to promote her range and while that may be the case, we still think her channel is worth a peek, even if just to pick up a few tips or learn about her legendary model looks from the 90’s.  See more here.