5 Great Kit Essentials you Haven’t Thought of



Packing your makeup kit for a job is an art; a ritual between you and your tools. We’ve compiled a list of products that can come in handy, and they’re not all items you might expect!

// 1. Coconut Oil

This is a great all-rounder product to have in your kit and can solve lots of issues you may run into while working. Use it to moisturise skin and hair, soothe small burns, remove makeup, assist prosthetic removal and much more. It’s also a great last minute item to use on the highlights and cheekbones when doing a wet/glossy look.

// 2. Straws

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been on a job and someone has asked for a straw. You’d be amazed at how versatile these are! First and foremost, they’re perfect for your actors and models to drink out of, should they need to keep their makeup untouched. However, straws are also great at picking up small amounts of liquids and you can even store small amounts of powders or creams in them by burning the ends together with a lighter. Portable and perfect for single uses.

// 3. Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags can often become the saviour of your kit as their uses are endless. Separate your dirty makeup brushes into a bag as you use them, store used prosthetic pieces and appliances in them, keep small loose items contained in them, use as a mini garbage bin when you’re in a pinch, line cosmetic bags with them to keep the lining clean

// 4. Sharpie Markers

Sharpie Markers come in bloody handy when you’re using cups to dispense products. To avoid taking a sip of something dangerous, you can use your Sharpie to label all cups beforehand. Prosthetic and fx artists always have them around to label cups as they often are required to work with alcohol, adhesives and paints. The last thing you want is for your model to mistake a cup of Isopropyl alcohol for water. Note: Be sure to label your markers or even better keep them on a lanyard, because the reality is that other departments are often dying to get their hands on them if they need one. Keep it close!

// 5. Lip Scrub

Dry, chapped lips can really affect a makeup which is why skin prep is the most important thing at the beginning of the day. As soon as the actor gets into the chair, we always apply and massage a lip scrub onto the lips while setting up for moisturiser and primer. Afterwards, a thin layer of balm will do wonders absorbing into the lips while the rest of the face is completed. It will make a world of difference and keep them looking their best.