About the Brand

 So you want to become a Film Makeup Artist?

I want to help makeup artists navigate their way through the film industry by sharing the experiences of myself and others. I’ve also made it my quest to collect as many nuggets of wisdom as I can from the industry professionals I encounter, and then share the spoils with you.

I think of myself as a knowledge pirate, advocate of good attitudes, but most of all, an artist seeking makeup mastery.

This site isn’t for you if:
+ You want to know how to do a cut-crease and contour
+ You’re looking for the latest, trendiest products
+ All you want to know is how to work with celebrities
+ You’ve never heard of Dick Smith

I don’t offer beauty tutorials or product reviews because this blog isn’t about getting better at makeup. This blog is about mastering the art of etiquette in an industry where you are always in people’s faces. If there’s one thing this world doesn’t need more of, it’s beauty youtubers.

The business of makeup can be scary when you’re new, so I want makeupdeptmastery.com to be the sanctuary you visit when you’re looking for business tips and career advice. I’m of the belief that, no matter who you are, there is always something new to learn, so why wait? Let’s create a fellowship of like-minded artists together.

We also sell Pretty Neat Set Bags

Here’s the thing. The beauty industry is abundant with ugly things you need and pretty things you don’t. We want you to have something different. Our aesthetic is simple and every little detail in our range is designed with you in mind to make your work easier.

We want you to have the functionality to perform your job with ease, but we also want your kit to look damn good. Beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive. You -can- have it all.

Whether you’re a makeup artist, hardcore fan of makeup or organisation addict, our set bags and pouches will help you organise your beauty life. Think of it as kit therapy. We are your therapists and our duty of care is to provide you with solutions for makeup

No Rest for the Wicked

I’m Lexi Stewart, a Queensland-based makeup artist and assistant working primarily in film and television. My skillset includes (but is not limited to) character makeup, beauty and period makeup, prosthetic application, basic hairstyling and department co-ordination. I spend the rest of my time as a graphic designer, creating brands or writing articles (for myself and others).

Violent Maiden was originally a university project I started in my final year that required us to create a product and brand. I dabbled in creating fashion accessories for the brand but my true interest was in makeup and cosmetics. Two years later, I took the brand and transformed it into an independent cosmetic brand, blending my own pigmented eyeshadows from scratch. While it was a fun endeavour and I learned a lot about owning a business, cosmetic manufacturing was stressful and I lost the passion to keep pursuing it. In 2015, I went to makeup school.

Changing careers gave me the motivation to keep Violent Maiden going, so once again the business was reborn late 2016. I designed a set bag (which is available in the shop) and also committed to writing a blog and growing a readership. It’s been a long journey for something that started as a school assignment, but the brand has finally found its place in the world and I love what I do.

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