How to Care for your Set Bag

Receiving your Bag

The bags arrive from our manufacturer as neat little flat packages, in order to make shipping easier. This means, however, that they do need some slight primping when you open them up. In order to give them a nice full shape, we recommend stuffing the bag and pockets with items of clothing and leaving overnight. This will help to ease any warped folds and creases, especially the tissue holder.

Cleaning your Bag

Level 1: General dust and dirt
Over the course of your bag’s life, it will inevitably become the receiver of dirt and dust over time. After each job, we recommend that it is wiped out thoroughly with a damp cloth. Baby wipes are also great as most of us keep them in our bags anyway. It’s a great way to keep the bag clean while working.

Level 2: Tougher stains and spots
Any tough to remove spots from products such as alcohol paints and glues can be removed with 99% Isopropyl alcohol or oil based remover. As a general rule, however you would remove the product from the skin is often the best way to remove it from the bag.

Storing your Bag

While this bag can withstand the effects of weather and age, we always recommend storing it out of direct sunlight. It can be flattened to be stored into a tight space if needed.

To ensure Longevity

+ When able, always try to wipe off marks sooner rather than later. Leaving them can make it harder to clean later on.


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