De-cluttering my Makeup Kit

February has been busy for me as I’m in the process of moving! *unenthusiastic cheering*. Although I’m literally moving only two minutes down the road, we are downsizing in a huge way and have spent this past month cleaning out, donating and selling everything we can.

I’ve been actively working towards getting rid of items I no longer need for the past two years, but it’s always the event of ‘moving’ that really makes you start to take it seriously. I’m decluttering like mad.

It made me think. Can we take this process and apply it to the things we own as makeup artists?

Let’s be honest. Collectively as an industry, we are responsible for a tonne of waste, whether it be through disposables or simply through the amount of product we are buying and letting expire.

Downsizing has meant that I’ve really had to think about what I do and don’t need in my kit because I won’t have the same space I started out with. Decluttering my makeup kit became a necessity.

Here are some thoughts I’ve had over the month of practices I’d like to start doing more frequently to be more intentional with my kit:

+ I used to keep a huge container full of spare disposables. Tissues, wipes, cotton tips etc. It was a complete waste of space. I now only buy disposables on a job-by-job basis. Also, remember that bigger film jobs will provide these for you!

+ I’ve stopped buying spares or ‘just-in-case’ products until I actually need them. Along with the disposables, they were taking up extra space and most of the time I would never remember I bought them. Lo and behold they would eventually expire.

+ I’ve planned a better way to organise¬†and consolidate my stuff neatly. Instead of storing everything away in fifty different containers, I’ve now condensed down into two large tubs and one suitcase, all of which can be made suitable to travel. With this system, I can easily pack last minute and know where everything is.

+ My kit is now categorised into three categories: hair, prosthetics, makeup and fx. I keep my makeup and fx products in my room, pre-packed and ready to take on a job. Hair and prosthetic items are separated and stored in the garage until they are needed.

Interested in this topic, check out Part I and Part II of my articles on minimalism for makeup artists.

Also, here are your new wallpapers for March!


decluttering my makeup kit


Holy crap, we are three months in to 2018 already. So if you’re feeling terrified at how fast the days are going by, calm your mind with these pretty calendars. I’m a sucker for the plain black one, but no doubt some of you lovely people prefer to enjoy some colour in your life. Enjoy!

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