Learning to Focus on your Skills, not the Products

focus on the skills

Always focus more on the skill and less on the products. Everything has to be useful otherwise it is just taking up space you will have to pay for. – Lesley Vanderwalt

Wise words indeed and a whole subject in itself. I think this is such an important lesson and it just happens to relate to my favourite topic of conversation! Being an intentional artist.

We are force-fed advertising for new products every day through instagram and facebook. Makeup brands are in a constant battle to keep up with society’s short attention span by offering us quantity over quality.

But we should never rely on products to do our job for us. Sure, we’ve all got favourites (and some brands are better than others), but no amount of miracle ingredients will save you if you can’t analyse your clients’ needs. A great makeup artist can still create great work with a small kit of basic products.

‘There’s an expectation that success will just come by itself as soon as the makeup course has finished. This is a mindset that will hinder your development. Even the most capable and “naturally talented” makeup artists will have to spend hundreds and eventually thousands of hours doing “DELIBERATE practice” – honing precise application techniques and experimenting with new ones. It is only through relentless continuous practice that you will become a true expert at what you do.’Kristina Gasperas

Deliberate practice – such an important concept. After makeup school it can be hard to find work and many artists go back to their day jobs and start to become ‘out of practice.’ Always look for opportunities to get a brush in your hand, no matter what the canvas is. Repetition is key, and it’s up to you to keep mastering the craft. You can’t always depend on a job or class to keep that craft active. If you’re passionate, you will find a way.

Something to think about…

+ Find the right tools for you with trial and error

+ Appreciate and use what you have if it works

+ Remove the mindset that your work is influenced by what you use

+ Think about your technique – what’s something you can work on

+ Work with your clients’ skin, not against it

I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind when I go to a job next. I get complacent easily so always need to be reminding myself to be productive. Practice practice practice! Let’s focus on refining our skills instead of wasting time and money on products that promise the world.

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