Introducing: The Agency for Makeup Artists

Okay, let’s talk about ‘agents’. It may seem like a dirty word at times but an agent who’s in it for the right reasons can be your best friend, and when you’re a young artist navigating through the makeup community, it can be a tricky call. Seasoned hair and makeup artist Paige Badenoch took notice of the on-going issues with the industry, and saw an opportunity to offer that support.

That’s where TATMA comes in. Having seen both sides, as both an artist and an educator, she wanted to create something to help better unite artists and recruiters in a positive way. This led to the launch of The Agency to Makeup Artists; an agency designed to fill a niche market within the Australian creative network, assisting both seasoned industry professionals and talented emerging artists throughout every stage of their careers.

Paige started TATMA as a way to mentor the next generation of artists, whilst also supporting and assisting seasoned professionals with the recruitment process. The effort she puts towards helping and guiding newer artists is a welcome change to the often vicious landscape of the film industry. She wants her artists to possess not only the needed skills, but more importantly, a continuous drive to want to keep learning. “I only represent artists who I feel have the right skills, tools, attitude and mindset to go far in this industry.”

After working in this industry for 20 years and training makeup artists for 8 years I have experienced and survived this highly competitive and challenging industry. I feel I have a lot to give artists from my experiences. I can manage, guide and support them by creating an agency that solely represents them.

The agency has also created a booking app for mobile phones, which will make the process even easier for recruiters. By having a platform that allows them to see availability and make bookings on the spot, the artists will -literally- be at their fingertips.

Paige explains that of all the issues evident in the industry today, one of the biggest is how much the role of the makeup artist has become undervalued. “There is a lack of understanding in the process, time and costs involved with makeup and effects. Many productions want the high quality outcome but don’t want to pay the price.” The industry has also become a feeding frenzy, with an overwhelming amount of makeup students entering the industry having not been taught the correct etiquette.

“The VET Fee system has saturated the industry with make-up artists. There are too many schools, and trainers can be student graduates with very minimal experience or knowledge of the daily challenges faced on set. This saturation leads to newer artists undercutting seasoned industry professionals, and makeup school rivalry.” She wants her agency to help close the gap on the current divide.

The Australian Makeup community is lacking unity and should be encouraging and supporting young artists who are willing to do what it takes to survive in the industry. Many makeup artists don’t have a strategy plan to navigate this industry. Young artists do need to toughen up, as industry sabotage is rife. Knowing how to deal with these situations professionally is important.

TATMA is attempting to shift that mindset in the Australian makeup community and create a uniting front that benefits all generations of artists. We agree that it’s time for the rivalry to take a backseat!

If you are interested in finding more about TATMA, you can visit the website here and follow them on facebook or instagram. The app is also available to download now on both iPhone and Android.