Oscar Watch: Makeup & Hair Faves

Awards season is here with a bang this year, not to mention a few surprises here and there. However, we will continue to wonder why the Makeup and Hair category is always narrowed down to only 3 nominations, despite the strong lineup of worthy contenders each year.

Congratulations are in order for the 3 nominees (Star Trek: Beyond, Suicide Squad and The Man Called Ove); a diverse lineup showcasing everything from subtle looks to full scale prosthetics. Nevertheless, below are our honourable mentions for films this year that missed out on nominations but are no less worthy.


//1. Silence

Images: Courtesy of Paramount.

It’s taken 25 years, but Martin Scorsese has finally unveiled his long-time passion project, Silence. It’s a historical drama with a heavy topic – a gruelling spiritual journey through 17th century Japan which allows for a lot of fun in the makeup department. Period styles reign supreme here along with a large amount of breakdown makeup, dirt and injuries. It’s a realistic atmosphere throughout, and the makeup and hair team succeed immensely in making the audience ‘feel’ their journey.



//2. Deadpool

Images: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Bill Corso

The comic book world took a twisted turn this year with the arrival of Ryan Reynold’s quest to do justice to Deadpool. All in all, it was a huge success that kept audiences and comic fans pleased. Kudos to them for also making a damn good choice in the makeup department, welcoming legendary Bill Corso into the mix. Responsible for the design of the looks, it was his job to nut out Wilson’s disfigured body, without creating another Freddy Krueger. We love the final look.



//3. Jackie

Images: Courtesy of Fox Searchlight and LD Entertainment.

Re-telling the life of such a well-dressed historical American figure is no doubt a dream for wardrobe, makeup and hair departments and Jackie sees Natalie Portman becoming the First Lady herself, Jackie Kennedy. While it follows her life after the assasination of her husband John F. Kennedy, it also visually follows her timeline as a style icon. The makeup and hair department have shown true tribute by accurately and beautifully re-creating her look and style. Stylist Miwoo Kim focused on emphasising strong brows before following up with clean natural skin and a pink lip, which changed with the outfit.



//4. Hacksaw Ridge

Images: Courtesy of Hacksaw Ridge Production

We may be a tad biased here as this was one of our favourite films of 2016, however you cannot deny the visceral nature of the battle scenes in Hacksaw Ridge, shot in Australia the year before last. It’s a violent recount, but one that needs such brutality to affect audiences.  Mel Gibson said of his makeup designer Shane Thomas, “The war carnage, the wounds — dynamic stuff. I’m sure it wasn’t easy and he did it on a budget. We had maybe 100 guys playing American soldiers, and 70 Japanese soldiers, though it looks like we had thousands. It was enormous, but it was all in a day’s work for Shane and his great team.”