How to Set Goals #likeaboss


It’s that time of year. The time when people feel that need and hunger to have a better year than last. Sometimes though, the pressure of how to set goals is overwhelming, to the point where we don’t even bother to start. Don’t let the buzzwords get you down. Everyone can benefit from making a plan for the year, but it’s important to do it YOUR WAY, and as cliche as it is, the new year is a great time to start. While you still feel that newness and energy of a fresh start, purge your brain of all your dreams and desires and get them onto paper. Once everything is off your chest you can then start to cut down and really tackle what you want this year. Here’s some of our favourite advice:

As Tony Robbins would say – Raise your Standards.

It’s a simple piece of advice, but one that’s a game changer for us. It’s a great way to change your mindset without constantly having to hear the buzzwords that surround the practice of goal-setting. Tony teaches us to think of it differently. Instead of seeing it as a goal, look at it as a standard that deserves to be raised and see it as something that you ‘MUST’ do rather than ‘SHOULD’ do. Once you can determine what you deserve, then you can start to develop rituals to propel you to where you want to be. Rituals are what you do consistently over time – like habits. ‘Willpower doesn’t last, but rituals can last a lifetime’. It’s the small things that in turn make the difference.

Categorise your life.

When you think of an area in your life that you wish to improve, most people will have a few. Start the breakdown process by splitting up the areas into segments, categories per se. You can then continue to take note of your goals or the standards you want to raise and from there forward you can create actionable rituals.

Make them impossible to ignore.

You hear everyone telling you to review your goals throughout the year, but is it enough? Write the important points onto a piece of paper or keep a list going on your phone, but most importantly, have it somewhere where you see it EVERY DAY. Turn those desires and dreams into obnoxious critters that are constantly in your face and never leave you alone, because the hunger and the rituals are what make it all happen.

But what happens when you decide something is an absolute “must?” What happens when you cut off any other possibility than you succeeding — when you decide that you are either going to find a way to make something happen or you’ll create the way yourself? – Tony Robbins

Like they say in school, keep it simple stupid. Set goals in a way that works for you, not the way a blog tells you. We do hope, however, that some of these tips helps you to get started.