My Youtube Video Guide for Film Makeup Artists

youtube videos for makeup artists

Youtube is an amazing place for content, information, and entertainment, but it can also be a dangerous place for misinformation and incorrect learning methods. In saying that, I follow a small select few who post fantastic videos relating to makeup artistry and film. I’ve been slowly putting together a list of my favourite videos, which I recommend watching if you plan on pursuing a career in makeup. This is an evolving list, so please don’t hesitate to send an email or message if you have any videos you think should be added! Let’s make the ultimate Youtube playlist!

Makeup Station Setup

My Station Setup In Smaller Spaces
How I Set Up My Station For Clients – MUA Station Set Up
Makeup Artists: How to set up your station
How to Setup a Makeup Station On Location
Pro Makeup Table Setup 
How To Set Up A Professional Makeup Kit & Station

Building your Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit for Makeup Artists – Multi-Functional Case
How To Choose The Right Bags For Your Kit
Non-Makeup Related Items For Your Kit
What’s In My Kit | May 2017
Tips on How to Inexpensively Build your Kit
A Look Inside my Pro Makeup Kit & Table Setup
How to Condense your Pro Makeup Artist Kit
What’s in my Zuca for a Two Day Film Shoot
Lisa Eldridge – My Lipstick Palettes
What’s In My Makeup Kit? | Film & TV Makeup Artist
My Freelance Makeup Kit UPDATED and UPGRADED
Your Essential Makeup Kit – My Pro Makeup Kit!
My Vueset Zip Palettes – What to think about when making your own

On-Set Advice

Make-Up Artist Kit – What’s In My Set Bag
Advice For MUA’s Working On Set
Kit Essentials: Set Bag
Set Etiquette for Assistant Makeup Artists
What to Wear When Shooting a Movie Outside!
Health and Wellness for MUAs | Q&A
Makeup Set-bag Essentials | MdeiziMakeup
What’s in my Zuca Makeup Kit – Set Bag
Set Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts!

Makeup for Film

‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look For Film
Speed Up Your Makeup Application
Color Correction Makeup – Color Correction Mistakes
Lighting for Makeup Artists | Colour Temperature
Colour Theory For Makeup Artists Pt. 1
Colour Theory for Makeup Artists Pt. 2
Beauty Nightmares! Solutions from my Pro Kit
Sian’s Guide to Simple Men’s Makeup
Male Grooming With The RCMA VK11 Palette

Wigs & Hair for Film

Pro Technique: The Hair Wrap
Wig Wrap: How-To
What’s in my Hair Kit
Hairstyling for Makeup Artists
3 Easy Hairstyles
How to get Work On-Set: Hairdressers
Your Hair Set Bag for the Film Industry
Working in Theatre: Wigs
Blocking a Lace Front Wig
Cleaning your Lace

Makeup Effects & Prosthetics

Casting a Silicone Prosthetic
Mixing Silicone Skin Tones
Fixing Bad Edges
Sculpting Prosthetics: Skin
Alginate Lifecasting
Prosthetic Makeup Removal
Monster Teeth Tutorial
Make a Lifecast Positive
How to Apply a Baldcap
Apply a Prosthetic


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